Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just another Sunday...

If I could, I would stop time right now. I feel incredibly peaceful, and so blessed, sitting here with my morning coffee in complete silence. Sunday silent mornings with fortifying sunshine streaming in. Oh life is good.

Yesterday was my little twin brothers' (not so little anymore!) twentieth birthday, and it has been a wonderful weekend all in all. Our family from Seattle all came to celebrate, all 30 of them, or something like that! We have a BIG family on my Dad's side, factor in 8 siblings, all married and with kids. I think there are 16 cousins now, me being the oldest, and the youngest being baby Aaron, who is I think around 18 months. Crazy huh. The best part is how close we all are! I love big families! Here are a few photos to share :o)

I am still trying to figure out how to work my camera in order to take those lovely indoor portraits with that nice blur on the background. I need A LOT of help :P Good thing I know a few really good photographers ;)

So now the weekend is drawing to a close, today I have a ten-page paper to write that is due tomorrow morning, and of course, I have not started. Yikes. I better get on that. Hmm, maybe after I bake some scones :P

Until next time!