Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I wish I was more articulate. I wish I was more this, more that, be here, there, feel this, have that. Anyone else guilty of having these thoughts? Lately I feel like I've been stuck with these thoughts more so than usual. I think it's normal to always aspire to something, want what's best, expect great things, but the balance between wanting it all and appreciating what's here and now is so hard-fought sometimes. Keyword: balance. So elusive in this frenetic pace! To top it off there is not only living to my already high expectations, but the imaginary expectations of others, I mean, it's really enough to drive one crazy!

Some days I just catch myself saying, so what is it really about? What am I after? What would make me truly happy? I need these constant conversations with myself, to remind me of what's necessary and true. When I feel like I can't keep up, all I need to think of is what do I want? Then those imaginary pressures slowly start to disappear, or at least temporarily fade in the background :)

Strength of character, boldness, humility, wisdom, all-around loveliness are all characteristics I admire and aspire to. I think living true to yourself everyday takes such boldness, to say, this is who I am right now, and I am content with it. I'm working on this. More courage! Cue the harps!!

Now, I need a good segue. But I can't think of one SO.......on to other lighter things!

Hubby and I had a really nice laid back Valentine's, not to say it wasn't romantic, but it was decidedly low-key. We started off with a pancake breakfast that he made (A+ on effort! Hubby doesn't do a lot of cooking, I'm the happy cook in the household :), then I made some red velvet cupcakes, though I unfortunately did not take into account that 24 cupcakes was 20 too many for the two of us!! So maybe not the best use of my effort there. Hubby got me very pretty pink roses, which I have now decided are my favorite kind, and a tub of strawberry shortcake ice cream :o) In the afternoon we went on a romantic walk by the beach in White Rock, went for lunch and took pictures of the sunset from the pier. It was a lovely love day indeed. Here are some photos!

So there we were. Another great day to file under my 'Great day memories' folder :) I bet my husband wished I did have such a file! He always says I have such poor memory, whenever I complain that we don't go on enough adventures, truth is, I do tend to forget easily, especially when I'm in a wanderlusty mood. But that's for another day and another post :)

Thanks for looking!