Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New to this! Hello out there!

Wow a place on the web to call my own?? Who would've thought! (Yes, I know, I am soo behind!) I am stumbling onto this kind of accidentally...recently, I made a New Year's resolution to reconnect with my creative side again. Some way of expressing myself, a way to connect and feel connected. Then I stumbled upon 'Stumble Upon' and to make a long story short, was inspired by a few blogs I saw and read. I was amazed at how so many people were doing this and it seemed to really fit into what I was looking to do. So here I am :) It's a little unnerving to think....who in the heck would bother to read what I write/post?! I mean, me? little ol' me, rambling away...well at the very least my husband would probably read it! :)

To start this off, some pictures!!

This is me, with my hubby, Ian. (december.08)

This is where we live. (aka 'our little nest')
Our first home (Cloverdale, BC)

I think that makes a good intro...short & sweet (like me :P)

Thanks for looking and reading :) Now off to make some dinner...ribs, potatoes, and coleslaw. Yumm.