Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just another Sunday...

If I could, I would stop time right now. I feel incredibly peaceful, and so blessed, sitting here with my morning coffee in complete silence. Sunday silent mornings with fortifying sunshine streaming in. Oh life is good.

Yesterday was my little twin brothers' (not so little anymore!) twentieth birthday, and it has been a wonderful weekend all in all. Our family from Seattle all came to celebrate, all 30 of them, or something like that! We have a BIG family on my Dad's side, factor in 8 siblings, all married and with kids. I think there are 16 cousins now, me being the oldest, and the youngest being baby Aaron, who is I think around 18 months. Crazy huh. The best part is how close we all are! I love big families! Here are a few photos to share :o)

I am still trying to figure out how to work my camera in order to take those lovely indoor portraits with that nice blur on the background. I need A LOT of help :P Good thing I know a few really good photographers ;)

So now the weekend is drawing to a close, today I have a ten-page paper to write that is due tomorrow morning, and of course, I have not started. Yikes. I better get on that. Hmm, maybe after I bake some scones :P

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reminder to Self

What I would like my life to be is a life full of love. Filled with days I spend with people I love, filled with moments in places I love. Filled with minutes thinking about and talking about ideas I love. Filled with hours and days doing what brings me joy, whether it is work or play. Filled with pleasures like great food and wine and looking at and appreciating things of beauty. These are what make me feel alive, and connected to my purpose.

Here is a quote I wrote down in my journal, which inspired me:

Your purpose is not to fear or to frighten. Your purpose is not to control or to be controlled. Your purpose is to live, to love, and to experience life in a way that is uniquely yours. Remember that purpose, and let its value flow freely from you with each thought, feeling and action. Live from your purpose and be fully alive.

I apologize, but I can't remember who said or wrote it, I got it from an email my Aunt sent a while ago, one of those 'Good morning!' emails that I used to look so forward to getting. It resonated with me, I guess is why I wrote it down.

It is a good reminder, especially when I start to question why this and why that and why me, that my life is uniquely mine, with my own very unique purpose.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new toy!

I am not usually an impulsive person....well, most of the time I'm not anyway. I usually like to think things through, sleep on it, talk it out, exhaustively. Especially when it involves spending money! Wait, I'm not cheap! I'm just not frivolous :P So what I did yesterday, I admit, was a little bit out of character...but I can justify it I swear!! lol. Ok, enough of the blabbing.

Yesterday I bought myself a (not very cheap) Canon EOS Rebel XS camera!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!

Yup, there is the proof, right there. I am the person who is not very techy-gadgety, I mean, I had one of those old clunky dinosaur-like cell phones until at least 2003! It wasn't until this past summer when I bought myself an iMac that I felt like I actually joined the 21st century!! SO this, this, was a HUGE purchase for me. But I had been thinking about it for months!! I love photography, love love love the beauty it captures, and how photos can make even ordinary things catch your breath. And with my latest resolution of re-discovering my creative side, it just seemed like a proper investment. (See what I mean, exhaustively! :P)

I am so excited to learn all about it, though it is pretty intimidating at first. And also must convince camera-shy hubby to get over it and get used to being my most-photographed model :D

Here are a couple of shots I've taken with it, I just love how crisp and clear the colors are. Soo much better photo quality than point-and-shoots! (Yes, I am smug DSLR-er now :P jk!!)

Nothing too exciting yet, but with hubby's birthday and my brothers' birthdays coming up, there will surely be lots of photo-taking practice going on!! I guess this is what happens :o)

There are a few other *BIG* exciting things going on/on the horizon...but my lips are sealed as I don't want to jinx anything!! As soon as I bet I'll be blogging about it :D

Thanks for reading!!

xx Danna

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Off to the races!!

Not! This is how I usually start a day off, slow lazy mornings...waiting for the espresso machine to heat the meantime browsing the internet. In the past (before I discovered 'blogging') I used to just do the usual email-facebook routine. Oh how my life has changed now! :D Okay, maybe a bit of exaggerating. Soo this morning is already a good one...why you ask? Because I have already discovered a new website that I just LOVE. Everything about it is all that I am after, and the author...well, what can I say, I think I adore her. Saw her on Oprah not too long ago, and was actually surprised, by her seeming groundedness, realness, style, passion, and articulateness. I am a Gwyneth fan. And the site I speak of is: (nourish the inner aspect) by none other than Gwyneth herself!! I love when I discover things like this, it absolutely inspires me.

|noun| 1 the process of being mentally stimulated
to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative/
a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea

Here is a recent photo I took that inspired me to see how beautiful life is!
(snow day in december.08, in front of our house)

That's it for me today...thanks for looking!

xx Danna

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New to this! Hello out there!

Wow a place on the web to call my own?? Who would've thought! (Yes, I know, I am soo behind!) I am stumbling onto this kind of accidentally...recently, I made a New Year's resolution to reconnect with my creative side again. Some way of expressing myself, a way to connect and feel connected. Then I stumbled upon 'Stumble Upon' and to make a long story short, was inspired by a few blogs I saw and read. I was amazed at how so many people were doing this and it seemed to really fit into what I was looking to do. So here I am :) It's a little unnerving to think....who in the heck would bother to read what I write/post?! I mean, me? little ol' me, rambling away...well at the very least my husband would probably read it! :)

To start this off, some pictures!!

This is me, with my hubby, Ian. (december.08)

This is where we live. (aka 'our little nest')
Our first home (Cloverdale, BC)

I think that makes a good intro...short & sweet (like me :P)

Thanks for looking and reading :) Now off to make some dinner...ribs, potatoes, and coleslaw. Yumm.