Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new toy!

I am not usually an impulsive person....well, most of the time I'm not anyway. I usually like to think things through, sleep on it, talk it out, exhaustively. Especially when it involves spending money! Wait, I'm not cheap! I'm just not frivolous :P So what I did yesterday, I admit, was a little bit out of character...but I can justify it I swear!! lol. Ok, enough of the blabbing.

Yesterday I bought myself a (not very cheap) Canon EOS Rebel XS camera!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!

Yup, there is the proof, right there. I am the person who is not very techy-gadgety, I mean, I had one of those old clunky dinosaur-like cell phones until at least 2003! It wasn't until this past summer when I bought myself an iMac that I felt like I actually joined the 21st century!! SO this, this, was a HUGE purchase for me. But I had been thinking about it for months!! I love photography, love love love the beauty it captures, and how photos can make even ordinary things catch your breath. And with my latest resolution of re-discovering my creative side, it just seemed like a proper investment. (See what I mean, exhaustively! :P)

I am so excited to learn all about it, though it is pretty intimidating at first. And also must convince camera-shy hubby to get over it and get used to being my most-photographed model :D

Here are a couple of shots I've taken with it, I just love how crisp and clear the colors are. Soo much better photo quality than point-and-shoots! (Yes, I am smug DSLR-er now :P jk!!)

Nothing too exciting yet, but with hubby's birthday and my brothers' birthdays coming up, there will surely be lots of photo-taking practice going on!! I guess this is what happens :o)

There are a few other *BIG* exciting things going on/on the horizon...but my lips are sealed as I don't want to jinx anything!! As soon as I bet I'll be blogging about it :D

Thanks for reading!!

xx Danna